the chaos machine

A modular design studio. Everything you need in your daily life as a great designer! Some nice music, fancy lights, a calculator, a notepad machine taking notes for you and even a meditation module! A print designer tool to create amazing fabrics. Currently not available as a portable machine, but we're working on that.


Two machines living in broken machines like parasites. Material: broken radio, broken computer, cables, spiders webs, spiders (dead and alive, definitely somewhere) and a lot of mini fans. It's kind of like a planet, city or body with different sections and functions. It's alive!


Machines can be awkward or clumsy. Technology is not sterile, it is manmade and therefore inherently imperfect.

Technology and nature are in constant motion. Technology imitating nature. Technology corrupting and restraining nature. But after the death of a machine, nature crawls right back in. A miniature ecosystem can and will take its place.


This is an ongoing experiment. I'm moving my studio to the laboratorium of a lunatic inventor. You are looking at the virtual version of that lab.

In the meantime, the robots are getting comfortable in deserted machines.


sambabot painterbot illustratorbot ???bot printbot combibot
machine town

An installation, currently asleep

Interconnected diptych



Order now, and receive a complementary cleaning tool! But wait! If you order within the next 5 seconds, you will even get a charger for it! But wait! It's a toothbrush with a sponge.


Principia Discordia "Before I was a Discordian, I took life much too seriously. When you take life too seriously you start to wonder what the point of it all is. When you wonder what the point is in life, you fall into a trap of thinking there is one. When you think there is a point, you finally realize there is no point. And what point is there in living like that? Nowadays I skip the search for a point and find, instead, the punch lines."

Ornamenting Solarpanels "From this post and others like it, one gets the sense that Solarpunk’s aesthetic is partly a negative one, defined by what it needs to avoid: Apple’s white-box futurism on one end, and on the other, scary anarchist hackery—as in, the non-utopian possibility if the order of production breaks down. Solarpunk neither wants to fantasize about the Dove-soap- commercial whiteness of the wealthy space settlement in Elysium (which looks a lot like Apple’s Cupertino HQ) nor the wretched, biohacker-ridden, reggaeton-pumping Los Angeles the movie depicts on Earth below. Between the horror of total technological white- box opacity and that of total technological transparency, this particular version of Solarpunk finds a semi-transparent, stained-glass solar panel."


Since technology seems to become part of the human body (be it on top of the body or from within), fashion is going to play a role. Fashion has always been about the crazy new stuff, so I can definitely see some potential there. I love both fashion and technology. I strongly believe art thrive on chaos and disorder, so I'm just gonna do a little mash-up.