Michelle Vossen


Hi! I’m Michelle, and I am a maker. I work for the Waag Fablab, Textilelab and Maker Education Lab as a maker educator, and for the Utrecht University of the Arts as Textile Workshop manager. I graduated from ArtEZ in Fashion Design in 2019. Currently I am following the Fab Academy as a student.

My work can be placed at the intersection of textiles, craft, sustainability and technology. Currently I’m developing upcycling techniques using embroidery machines, and spinning yarn with wool and conductive thread.

I like technology that is absurd, machines that are erratic, and software that is used out of context. Machine-made does not equal perfection, because a lot can go wrong: that unpredictability is what makes it so valuable. This ‘ghost in the machine’ is at the heart of what I do. My goal is more collaboration between designers and machines. A machine is not just an instrument: it can be a partner in the process, coming up with great design proposals. I am a big fan of learning-by-making: diving into something with a good dose of enthusiasm, optimism and overconfidence can go a long way. I bring this spirit to the various labs and projects at Waag, the HKU and various freelance workshops.

You can reach me at studio@michellevossen.com if you want to work with me. I give workshops and host events in the field of textiles, digital design & fabrication and electronics. Some behind the scenes of previous events can be found here.