Michelle Vossen

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Lasercutting material library

Since the BRM lasercutter in the lab has been updated, a new material tests library is needed to reflect the new possibilities and settings available. I am reusing the existing board but replacing the tests and updating the template. I am going to make separate files for cutting and engraving since I want to be more thorough and there’s enough room to put them on display.



Powerscale is a method of scaling power on arrays of shapes, so you are not limited to the maximum amount of layers (30) in Lightburn. Power scale is a percent between min and max (so no absolute values), so 10% in your case is 10% of the way from 50% to 95%, or about 54% power.

Materials list

cardboard | 3 mm cardboard (solid) | 3 mm triplex | 3 mm triplex | 4 mm acrylic | 3 mm acrylic | 4 mm