Michelle Vossen

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Fabacademy: how to make (almost) anything


Principles and practices



  • Center for bits and atoms: crossing the border of the digital and the physical
  • Digital fabrication => personal fabrication
  • Local nodes in international network
  • Building a collaborative network, learning from each other
  • Fab city > consumers becoming creators (https://fab.city/, Barcelona is pioneering)
  • Companies growing out of fablabs like http://cba.mit.edu/docs/papers/17.03.peek.pdf (but you still buy the machine instead of make it)
  • Modular hardware > learning how to make machines
  • Biology/living materials/genes and computing, communication, fabrication and computation, an algorithm that contains you > self reproducing systems, computation for it’s own reproduction (Von Neumann, Turing)
  • If anyone can make anything (empowering so many), it creates this whole new notion of an economy/company/etc, what are the implications? (book Designing Reality by Neil Gershenfeld)

Machines that make machines that make machines:

What you’ll learn each week:

  • What it is and when to use it
  • The basics (how to use it)
  • Where to learn more

Project management