Michelle Vossen

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Printing with NinjaFlex on a Creality Ender 3

NinjaFlex is an incredibly flexible TPU filament. My Ender doesn’t have a filament extruder upgrade (or any upgrade for that matter), it uses a Bowden extruder in which flexible filaments tend to get stuck in no time. To overcome this issue without having to upgrade my printer (yet), I tensioned my filament by making a horizontal ‘bridge’ between a cupboard and my printer so the filament would be tensioned and fed to the extruder without too much trouble.

The first few attempts to get the print started ended up like the picture below. I fixed it by lowering the speed and properly aligning the print bed.


My intermediate end result below:

ninjaflex ninjaflex

As you can tell at some point my walls were too high and too thin, so more and more filament was being extruded in the air. I tried to fix it with no succes.

ninjaflex ninjaflex