Michelle Vossen

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Polygon mannequin

Since I wanted to mold fabrics around a mannequin, but not use one of the existing mannequins in the lab because they are size zero, I had to make one myself. I started out by designing a human model in Makehuman, exported it as an obj and imported it in Slicer for Fusion 360.

Polygon suit


  • 1 cm seam allowance
  • Remove parts that are less than 1 cm in width or height (including seam allowance this means parts that are smaller than 3 cm)
  • Arrange parts to counter waste of fabric (have to do this manually as the feature to nest the pieces was rolled back)
  • Since the parts are not layed out in a way that pays any respect to the (thread) direction of the material I rotated some of them to save space, but I’m trying to keep one of the edges in the direction of the fabric (only rotating 90/180/270 degrees ideally)
  • When using wool like I do you should ideally add seam band but I have over 250 parts so I’m not doing that
  • I want the engraving on the inside of the suit so I have to mirror everything