Michelle Vossen

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Lasercutting bioplastic: gelatine bioresin with seaweed powder

Bioplastics tend to warp because of the water inside that evaporates. To lasercut it, you need a piece that is as flat as possible. Our piece was still a bit curved but we could flatten it with tape and weights in the lasercutter. We calibrated the laser on a part that was slightly elevated hoping that it would be a good average of the height differences; thankfully this worked. The lines were not perfectly straight but that had more to do with the seaweed and bubbles in the material than with the settings, although the speed could probably have been higher for the cut.


  • Cut: speed 30, power 100
  • Engrave: speed 500, power 30


cutting bioresin lasercutting bioresin lasercutting bioresin lasercutting bioresin


A bioresin nametag

bioresin nametag