Michelle Vossen


Drumdraad is an ever growing collection of (mostly) knitted sensors that have been given a life as an instrument.

I had a lot of e-textiles swatches laying around with no other purpose than to be an example for students during workshops. I used them sometimes to show variable resistance in action by connecting them to an LED. It was starting to bother me that I had a lot of potential tactile input devices that were just stuck in a folder doing nothing. I decided to turn them into instruments since they were big enough to become a small ‘drum’. I used leftover wood to make simple frames. With a simple Arduino Tone function I map their input voltages to square-wave tones. Until now they’ve been made the day before a presentation with random Arduinos, breadboards and jumper wires. I’m working on PCBs with an ATTiny to make them permanent.


  • Hof der Zotheid festival, June 24 2023
  • Weird sensors and tactile interfaces meet up, December 16 2022