Michelle Vossen

Sins of Fashion

The Fashion system is a sinful one. ‘Sins Of Fashion’ is a diptych that shows the personifications of two fashion vices. The Gardener is deceiving us with her supposed eco-friendly lifestyle and fashion. She lures the viewer by showing how great her actions are but is desperately trying to cover up a grim truth. The Carousel is showing us all the new fashion and seducing us to buy more than we could ever wear, with no regard to environmental consequences. More and more, faster and faster: eventually there is no other possible outcome than for him to spiral out of control. What will come of this world when these sinful siblings join forces?

Rena Jansen x Michelle Vossen for New Fashion Narratives at Fashionclash Festival 2021

Film: Daniel van Hauten

Performers: Marieke Ornelis & Quinten Ornelis

Film concept & direction in collaboration with Anne van der Vegt & Norah Bouwheer

Fashionclash Recap