Michelle Vossen


Discover the captivating world of electronics, soft sensors, and e-textiles! Join my workshops and events to explore the possibilities of e-textiles, incorporating traditional textile crafts like embroidery, weaving, and knitting.

Whether it’s a festival or a private event, I offer tailor-made workshops to suit your preferences, accommodating participants of all expertise levels. Delve into the art of tactile interfaces, DIY sensors, and flexible circuits, and immerse yourself in the endless potential of e-textiles. If this sparks your interest, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at studio@michellevossen.com and let’s collaborate! I’m also enthusiastic about co-creating cross-over workshops, such as crafting sensors for musical interfaces.

Take a glimpse at some past workshop impressions below, and stay updated on upcoming workshops and events by following me on Instagram!

Electronics & Tactility workshop

Hosted by Sounds Like Touch at their workshop at the Hof van Cartesius during Gaudeamus festival - Terrapolis XL. A walk-in workshop in collaboration with Veerle Pennock.

Workshop description: “E-textiles offer the possibility to convert soft touches, pinching movements, or stretchy knitted fabric into data. By using electrically conductive yarns to create electronic circuits and components (by embroidering or knitting, for example), you can control fantastic things such as sound, light, and movement. Designer and maker Michelle Vossen together with soldering and hardware expert Veerle Pennock, also the founder of Acid Solder Club, offer you an accessible introduction to the world of electronics. In this walk-in workshop, they teach you different textile techniques that you can then use independently to make your own soft sensors, resistors, and other components.”

Knitting Technology workshop

Hosted by Oddstream at the Lindenberg Cultuurhuis in Nijmegen, with a lecture by Veerle Spronck.

Workshop description: “Knitting and computing have more in common than you might expect. We’ll research this subject in the workshop Knitting Technology on Thursday April 21st. The workshops starts with a talk about the subject. After that we’ll all go to work with fiber art, nitting machines and knitted electronic circuits.”